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Hi there, my name is Cory Goulet aka Riffy Beats (fka Ken Riffy) and I am a music producer / digital media creator based in the greater-Boston area. Aside from my dream of becoming a professional golfer, you can find me making music, playing ping-pong, and hanging out with your dog.  I thoroughly enjoy teaching people what I know and learning from others.  I have always had a deep fascination with music creation and a love for the feeling it gives me.  


I attended Temple University in Philadelphia where I met and worked with so many talented artists. Shortly after graduating, I headed west to Los Angeles. I've worked with many artists and am always on the search for new talent and collaborators. Some of my credits include: Disney, ESPN, BMW, Dayne Jordan, Nasty Habits, Barstool Sports (Wonton Don), Spin Maddox, That Yung Lad, Jadyn Ruth, and almost had Flavor Flav release our record, but you know how that goes... 

In 2019 I took a stab at scoring the short film "Lemon" which ended up winning the "Grand Jury Prize"/"Audience Choice" at the ZERO Film Festival and was the "Official Selection" at FILM INVASION LOS ANGELES. 

Alongside producing, I write my own songs, make animations, golf, bodysurf, edit videos, and have been timidly entering the realm of learning 3D design software. As of now, I'm back in New England, where I maintain a full-time job outside of music, but I'm always on the lookout for collaborators and others who are passionate about creating music or anything for that matter.  Every artist is unique and has their own approach, something which Riffy recognizes and respects as a professional music producer.  

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