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Cube Works Studio has become world-renowned for our work re-contextualizing common objects to create impressive and entertaining works of art. From monumental attractions to one-of-a-kind custom projects, we use a variety of processes and mediums to create stunning visual art that can be appreciated and enjoyed by all.


Our studio is a small collaborative of specialized talents. We began pushing the boundaries of modern art using the iconic Rubik’s cube and have slowly expanded our portfolio of work to include collections created with Crayola Crayons, LEGO bricks, Vinyl Record Mosaics, Spools of Sewing Thread, Dice, Guitar Picks as well as Mixed Media and Fine Art paintings and portraits – the possibilities for art are infinite!


Most of our works are designed and created based on specific custom requests, while others are focused on creating a modern, pop-art effect referencing classic images all complete with subtleties in colour, shading and depth. Our works are meant to inspire, unite and invoke a sense of nostalgia by using common and tangible objects to create impressive and entertaining works of art.


Cubeworks came to me on  They were interested in making a 3D animation of a Rubik's cube.  They wanted it to shuffle around in the air, eventually revealing their artwork.  This was a difficult task for me as I'm pretty new to the 3D realm, but we made it work and the customer was very pleased with the result.  I also created a free animation for their logo.  See an example of my work below.

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